Mountainbike tours in the Pollino National Park

Accompanying one of the many bike tours organized by the Group, with its own bike or with those made available by us, is the healthiest way to experience nature. With a good training you can take paths immersed in the green, climbing on hard climbs or throwing headlong down steep descents.

There are also simpler itineraries, accessible to children and people of any age who want to pedal amiably between valleys and hills, making stops in the many farms scattered throughout the Pollino Park.

* Before starting an activity it is necessary to check up if there are prohibitions or restrictions about the protected species. It is therefore suggested 
to contact the Pollino Park administration to request information.

Where to stay ? "La Casa dell'Escursionista", in Cerchiara di Calabria above the club. This is a comfortable accommodation managed by our guides and designed for mountaineers, fitted with a relax-area with a climbing wall, hiking guides and maps of the park.