Who we are

We have the desire to live and share our mountain experience with those who has our same passion. We organize excursions in the Pollino Park and we work with the most experienced mountain guides to bring you closer to climbing and the cliffs.

The Excursionist Club

Imagine a place dedicated to reading mountain books, advice guides and maps to plan your next adventure, where you can try out the climbing-techniques on climbing walls to familiarize yourself with the equipment. Or where you could just relax, share experiences and emotions with those whose passion for the mountains flows through their veins. This place can be found in our excursionist Club, the official headquarters of the adventurers, in Cerchiara di Calabria in the heart of Pollino Park.

club dell'escursionista
escursioni gole raganello - la guida

Tours in the Raganello stream - The guide book

Luca D'Alba, 2018

An updated and detailed guide on the routes, the difficulties and the equipment necessary to face an excursion in the Raganello Gorges. To request a copy send an email to info@avventurieridelsud.it

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Where to stay ?

...in "La Casa dell'Escursionista", in Cerchiara di Calabria above the club. This is a comfortable accommodation managed by our guides and designed for mountaineers, fitted with a relax-area with a climbing wall, hiking guides and maps of the park.


Some trips are difficult and require physical effort and technical skills. Participants must therefore be adequately trained in the chosen activity and equipped with appropriate clothing and equipment. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or another expressly designated person, or they must submit their written approval.
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