The Raganello Gorges

Among thundering waterfalls, natural slides and pools of crystalline water in which to dive, through this water trekking in the Raganello stream you can explore the most famous canyon in Southern Italy.


Raganello Gorges - HIGHER part 

Also known as Gole di Barile, representing the highest (and upstream) section of the canyon. They are the most beautiful, the wildest, in the heart of the Park. They start from San Lorenzo Bellizzi near the Scala di Barile, where the Timpa di Cassano and the Timpa di San Lorenzo meet, giving rise to a deep rift: the Raganello canyon. Go up the stream along small waterfalls, rock tunnels, natural slides and toboggan. Along the way, near a natural spring, are visible fossils of the rudist, bivalve molluscs extinct millions of years ago.
Duration: 3 1/2 hours.


Raganello Gorges - LOWER part

They represent the lower part (downstream) of Raganello and start from the Ponte del Diavolo to Civita. They are the shortest but also the most aquatic ones. Here the walls of rock show off their grandeur, arriving in some points to be distant from each other just over two meters, developing vertically for over 400 meters in height. At the entrance of the canyon you pass under the splash of water of the "Doccia del Diavolo" and, continuing the ascent, you pass two crystalline water tank. Karst and travertine formations evoke hypogeal scenarios.
Duration: 2 1/2 hours.


Where to stay ?

...in "La Casa dell'Escursionista", in Cerchiara di Calabria above the club. This is a comfortable accommodation managed by our guides and designed for mountaineers, fitted with a relax-area with a climbing wall, hiking guides and maps of the park.