Climbing in the Pollino National Park

Multi-pitch or sport climbing routes on the compact rocks of Timpa di Falconara, Timpa di S. Lorenzo, Porace, Demanio, on the slopes of Monte Sellaro or on the cliffs of Eianina, in Orsomarso and Cerchiara di Calabria. This activity also takes place in the Pollino National Park, thanks to the work done in recent years by competent mountain guides, with their passion for this area. The "Adventurers of the South" (Avventurieri del Sud) organize climbing courses, leded by qualified and trained mountain guides.

Mountaineering routes (Timpa di Porace and Cassano, Pietra Sant'Angelo, Timpa of Falconara and Demanio Stone)

The cathedral of mountaineering in the Pollino Park is, without a doubt, the Timpa di Falconara, a compact limestone rock pyramid (the first in the photogallery) that offers different routes to climb vertically. Its ascent, with heights of up to 300 meters. To reach this enchanting place we start from Cerchiara and cross San Lorenzo Bellizzi. Alternatively, you can arrive at Terranova del Pollino.

Along the provincial road between Cerchiara di Calabria and San Lorenzo Bellizzi rises a rock bastion called Pietra Sant'Angelo, which is also rich in mountaineering routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Down the cliffs, which horizontally cut through the verticals of this stone, you will find ancient caves, which used to be refuge and cult in ancient times. There is also the "Grotta del Banco di Ferro", better described on the page  "caving".

From Colle Marcione, at about ten kilometers above the characteristic village of "Arbereshe di Civita", following the path that starts at the homonymous hut in northeastern direction, you will reach the base of Timpa di Porace and Timpa di Cassano. There, the passionate climbers can try themselfs on athletically secured and varied climbing trails. From the top of the Timpe, you can enjoy a unique view of the Raganello Valley, the imposing slopes of the “Timpa di San Lorenzo” and the east side of the Massif of Pollino, with the beech forest of Fagosa at your feet.  

Sport Climbing (Eianina - Cerchiara di Cal.)

Recently, the interest in climbing in the Pollino Park has been directed towards Cerchiara di Calabria, where are cliffs with "school routes" suitable for beginners. Two operating sectors you can find there: in Calvario (a few meters from the historic center of the village) and in the area of “Acqua Rossa”, along the road that leads to the sanctuary of the "Madonna delle Armi". This is a true paradise of tranquility and stillness, with splendid views of the Timpiano and the Raganello Valley, and climbing routes from the level 4c (easy) to 7a (difficult). In Cerchiara it is also possible to practice hiking, caving and the “via ferrata of Caldanello”, the ideal place for a true adventure.

Another interesting place for climbing is located in Eianina, a district of Frascineto, at the foot of "Monte Manfriana". There are 6 sectors: Leoni di Montagna, Mamma li Turchi, Cattivi Poppanti, Grotto Rosse, Vasharé and Calabria Rock. The place offers considerable potential of development, thanks to its compact rocks and its nearby paths.

* Before starting an activity it is necessary to check up if
there are prohibitions or restrictions about the protected species. It is therefore suggested
to contact the Pollino Park administration to request information.

Where to stay ? "La Casa dell'Escursionista", in Cerchiara di Calabria above the club. This is a comfortable accommodation managed by our guides and designed for mountaineers, fitted with a relax-area with a climbing wall, hiking guides and maps of the park.


Some trips are difficult and require physical effort and technical skills. Participants must therefore be adequately trained in the chosen activity and equipped with appropriate clothing and equipment. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or another expressly designated person, or they must submit their written approval.
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